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Attract | Impress | Inspire


Brainstorming sessions and discussions are like breeding ground for our creativity. At the end we will stay face to face with success.


With our briefly stated clear ideas we will never lose track.


Every step on our way brings us closer to desired vision.

Application & Control

We do not only start projects but we also follow up and that makes us different.

Little about us

We are young fast growing company with vision providing high quality services across all continents. We know that every client is different so our solutions are bespoke like the best suite. We are not afraid of any challenge. Our specific approach to every client makes us different.

Our headquarters is located in Europe but actually we are anywhere you want us to be.

We are nothing if not passionate about our work. Our company culture celebrates diversity and ideas from all over the world. This is the reason why we can understand every culture and every difference so we can push them over the limits. We bring fresh air and fight every day against mediocre ideas and we transform them into something special.

With love

A-Systems – Digital Marketing Agency

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People Behind

Daniel Sitáš circle

Daniel SITAS

Chief Marketing Officer

Many years of playing violin changed my perspective. You have to know how to sell yourself if you want people to love you. Every audience is different and you need to adapt to their vision of beauty. The same applies to the world of marketing. During my experience in many different countries I found out that sometimes you  should not always go with the flow but stand out to “wow”.

Marián ALBERT circle


Founder & CEO

Since I can remember I have always wanted to be an economist so when it came time to make a decision I chose to follow my dream – study economics. During my studies I was very interested in marketing which quickly became my passion. I decided I will dedicate my life to marketing. Afterwards I started my MBA studies where I focused specially on digital marketing. It became my everyday life.

Gabriel MARKOVIČ circle


Chief Web Officer

Playing hockey from early age taught me that the only way to beat the competition is team work. The same is in web design and marketing. Creating customized website which attracts people combined with successful marketing strategy is the key to ensure the best result for our team – clients & us. When every piece comes together we will win every game. Let the game begin!